How do I use Clip Creator and where do I find them?

Volume is excited to announce Clip Creator! 

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What is Clip Creator?

Clip Creator allows you to grab snippets of your favorite moments during a Volume live broadcast.  

Create a clip by clicking on the clapperboard icon, located in the top right-hand corner of a stage video, during a live broadcast with clipping enabled.



  • If you do not see this icon, you may need to update your web browser, try refreshing and/or hover your cursor over the general area.
  • It may also be the case that the broadcaster has turned off clipping for their streams.

Clip Creator will load the last 10 minutes of the stream.  Currently, this may take a few moments to load.




The Range Selector Tool

Next, use the range selector tool in order to grab the portion of the stream that you intend on clipping.  The white bar can be dragged as a cursor so that you can preview the clip you have trimmed.


You can also manually enter the start and end times of your clip for a more precise trim.  For example, if you only wanted your video clip to be 15 seconds, you could type in the box Start Time 09:45 and End Time 10:00. 

Enter a title, description, and choose the visibility you wish the clip to have.

Note: Keep in mind the broadcaster you are clipping will be able to view the clip regardless of the visibility selected.


Once the clip is saved, you will now have the option to download the new clip.  You could also share it on social media by using the 3rd party hyperlinks, or by copying the URL.   


Where are my Clips?

After your Clips have been saved, they will be stored to your account automatically so that you can view or share them at a later time. 


There are two ways to find the clips that you have created and offer features to accommodate them. 


For Audience Members:

The easiest method to find your clips will be to select "Go Live" and scroll down to "videos." 


For Broadcasters:

You can also use the drop-down menu on the top right corner and select "My Content".  Broadcasters have the ability manage the clip by clicking on the "edit" button, which will allow you to choose who can view your clips.





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