Feature Live Guests with VDO Ninja + OBS

What is VDO.Ninja?

VDO.Ninja brings (low latency) live video from a smartphone, tablet, or remote computer, directly into OBS Studio or other browser-enabled software. VDO.Ninja is open sourced and offered as a free web service and is a secure peer-to-peer streaming technology that exists in most modern web browsers. 

Why use VDO Ninja for your live stream interviews? 

  • No fees, memberships, or need to provide personal information.  
  • To allow your guests the option of using their smartphone, tablet, or remote computer to be used as desired.
  • This browser based WebRTC system is peer-to-peer, so you wont be joining the rest of the world trying to get through Zoom (or the like's) servers)
  • Allows for customized layouts of individual guest video feeds
  • Allows for control of individual guest audio for mixing within OBS (think gain staging, EQ, Etc.)
  • A number of Remote Directing parameters are available for controlling feeds and generating outgoing URLs which may be used in OBS as Browser source
    • Scene Customization and auto alignment
    • Participants can be Grouped and Ungrouped in the menu
    • Call Queue Functionality


How it works

Part 1: Setting up the Room and Inviting Guests

  1. Navigate to VDO.Ninja and we will use the "Create a Room" option. Follow the prompts and input your Room Name and Password. Check the box to engage "The director will be performing as well, appearing in group scenes", then use the Enter the Rooms Control Center in the Director's Role to generate the room.
  2. Next, you'll want to enable your camera and microphone so your guest will be able to see and hear you. Use the "enable director's microphone or video" button located on the bottom of the page.

    You will notice a new options menu appears in the upper right corner. Use this to select your camera and audio sources.
  3. Now let's use the "Invite Guest" tab's Copy link button to share this URL link and the password we assigned for the room to our guest. Simply email them the link and password.

    (optional - to add a display name, use the customize drop down window and tick the "ask for display name" and show display name".) 
  4. Your guests will then use the link and password to enter the room. If you opted for a display name, they will be asked to input this prior to coming into the room. At this stage, your guest(s) should be able to see and hear you. If you cannot hear then, then verify their volume is not muted as shown below. Simply click the unmute button to silence them on your side.   

Part 2: Adding VDO Ninja Sources to OBS


VDO Ninja allows for (A) individual feed source links or (2) the use a Group Scene. For this example we'll use the Group Scene functionality.
A.                                                                                          B. 
       VDO_Interview__-_14.jpg                VDO_Interview__-_8.JPG

  1. In VDO Ninja, Copy the URL from the "Capture A Group Scene" tab and then, in OBS add a "Browser" source to your scene. Paste the copied URL into the prompt and update the width and height accordingly. We recommend a width of 1920 and Depth of 1080.
  2. Be sure to check the "Control audio in OBS" box. 

    (Optional - If you want the display names to display on stream, simply add "&showlabel" to the end of the URL code you just pasted in the prompt)

  3. Once you've hit OK, simply resize your source accordingly. (Right Click > Transform > Fit to screen)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email support@volume.com 
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