Remote Sources with VDO Ninja + OBS


What is VDO.Ninja?

VDO.Ninja brings (low latency) live video from a smartphone, tablet, or remote computer, directly into OBS Studio or other browser-enabled software. VDO.Ninja is offered as a free web service and is a secure peer-to-peer streaming technology that exists in most modern web browsers. Some have called it the modern Swiss Army knife of audio and video transmission.

When would you want to use VDO.Ninja to bring a remote feed into your OBS scene? 

  • To allow your mobile device to be used as a wireless remote camera. (no cable needed)
  • To pull in other people's video and audio for podcasting/broadcast (guest appearances).
  • For high-quality audio streaming, including remote DJing
  • Wirelessly stream video from any pro camera using just a $10 Raspberry Pi and HDMI adapter.
  • To allow a remote computers screen to be shared into your OBS scene

How it works

  1. On your remote device (laptop, phone, tablet) visit the website VDO_Remote_Source_-_1.JPG
  2. Use the "Add Your Camera to OBS" option. If on a mobile device, you may need to allow your current browser (Chrome, Safari, etc) to access your devices microphone/Camera.        IMG_2627.PNG            
  3. Allow VDO.Ninja to access your Microphone/Camera as needed           IMG_2628.PNG                VDO_Remote_Source_-_2.jpg
  4. Select your video source, Audio Source, and set your password. (Digital Video Effects are optional, but useful) and hit the green Start button. You will then see your source populate. (Note: use the Gear icon to change the video's resolution as needed. ) VDO_Remote_Source_-_3.JPG
  5. Near the top of the browser, it will display your your output URL that you can copy into OBS as a "Browser" source. Click this to copy the URL. VDO_Remote_Source_-_5.jpg
  6. Now, back in OBS, you'll want to create a new "Browser" source. VDO_Remote_Source_-_6.jpg
  7. Copy the URL from VDO Ninja, and paste into the URL tab, be sure to update your Width, Height according to your cameras resolution. In this example, we've selected 1280 x 720, and be sure to check the box for "Control audio via OBS". (this will generate an audio track for the feed in the Audio Mixer portion of OBS allowing additional control. VDO_Remote_Source_-_8.jpg
  8. Your new source will appear and you can resize and place this as needed.VDO_Remote_Source_-_7.JPG















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