How to Add a Chat Dock in OBS

Adding a chat dock to your OBS window is a convenient way to monitor your chat without needing to leave the OBS application. In this guide, we'll show you how to add the chat dock in 2 configurations, simple chat monitoring or as an interactive chat window.

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Getting Started

In the OBS application, navigate to your tool bar and locate Docks->Custom Browser Docks

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In the Custom Browser Dock window, type a name for the dock on the left cell. On the right cell, beneath the 'URL' heading, type in the link for the chat window:, where 'user' will be replaced by your username (This window is just for monitoring chat, we'll go over how you can set up an interactive chat dock later on in this guide). You are able to set the size of the text in chat by changing the value after 'text-size'.


NOTE:  OBS may ask you to sign into your Volume account. Be sure that your stage is set to "public".

Image: Custom Browser Window with links

Click Apply and Close. Your custom chat dock should appear.

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If you'd like to integrate the dock into the OBS window, simply click the top of the dock and drag to one of the edges of the OBS window. You should see an outline appear where the dock will be integrated into the main window. Release the mouse and the dock should now be part of the OBS Window.

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If you would like to resize the dock, mouse over the edge you'd like to resize until the cursor icon changes to a double sided arrow; and click and drag to resize the dock.

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Congratulations, you now can monitor your chat straight from OBS! "But what if I want to chat back?", you may ask. In the next section, we'll go over how to add an interactive chat dock.

Adding an Interactive Chat Dock

Navigating back to the Custom Browser Dock window, Docks->Custom Browser Docks and create a name for the dock (We've just called it Volume Chat); and in the URL section, type in the link:, where the word 'user' will be replaced by your username.

Image: Custom Browser Window with Interactive Chat Dock link

Click Apply and Close. You should see a new chat window appear.

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Before you can start chatting with your audience, you may have to sign in. Click inside the text field (where you would type), hit enter, and you will be prompted to sign in. Click 'OK' on the prompt and proceed to sign in.

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If you would like to stay logged into chat the next time you use OBS, make sure to check 'Keep me logged in'.

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You can confirm that you're able to chat by entering a message.

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Note: In the event you view the chat in another window, you will be disconnected from chat and notified. In order to reconnect to the chat window session, hold down control (CTRL) while left clicking in the window, and click refresh. You should now be reconnected to your chat session.

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