Become a Broadcaster

What can I stream on Volume?

Volume is a live-streaming platform designed for live performances.  We encourage all creative types to broadcast your art, music, dance, comedy, podcast, or other performance on Volume!


How can I get started?

Any account can broadcast; all you need to do to get started is visit are some resources for setting up your stream:


How do artists get paid?

Artists get paid by streaming performances on the site and earning tips from viewers in the form of AMPs. These AMPs can then be exchanged to U.S.D. Artists also generate income by introducing fans to 

We want artists to be entrepreneurial to further grow and monetize their Volume fan base. Artists can charge admission for private concerts, host private lessons for aspiring musicians, or be contracted by Volume to perform for an event or targeted audience.


Where can I find more resources?

Check out our guides for Getting Started and Broadcasting Basics to learn more about becoming a broadcaster on Volume!

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