OBS/RTMP Information & Settings

If you are familiar with OBS/RTMP streaming, this guide contains the settings relevant to streaming to Volume.


Click here to view our basic guide for those unfamiliar with OBS


In general you should push the highest quality stream your setup is capable of. We will automatically transcode your stream to multiple qualities to suit every viewer's connection.


RTMP URL (See link above for more): rtmp://live.volume.com/live-origin

Codec: H.264 Video, AAC Audio.

Aspect ratio: 16:9 recommended, 4:3 permitted

Resolution: From a height of 240 pixels up to 4k (2160 pixels).

Frame Rate: 24-30fps, or 48-60fps for high frame rate (See note below.)

Bitrate: Up to 50 Mbps Video, 320 Kbps Audio - Must be CBR.

Key Frame Interval: 2 is recommended; higher is acceptable

H.264 Profile: Main or High preferred; baseline is acceptable.


Note about frame rate:

We support streams up to 60 fps, however we highly recommend not to use a higher frame rate unless you have both a high quality camera (not a webcam) and a powerful processor capable of supporting these frame rates. High frame rates are commonly used when streaming video games, but have little effect on webcam streams. Broadcasting the same resolution at a high frame rate will increase your bandwidth requirement. 30fps is perfectly fine for most streams.


Upload Speed

We recommended at least 5 Mbps upload speed for Full-HD quality, however lower upload speeds can work but require lower resolutions and frame rates. Download speed has very little effect on stream quality.

Below are the minimum upload speeds for HD resolution streaming

Resolution  Min. Upload Speed
1280x720 3000 kb/s
1920x1080 5000 kb/s
2560x1440 8000 kb/s
3840x2160 (4K) 12000 kb/s


Volume Speedtest

To find your upload speed, you will need to run a network speed test. We recommend using Speedtest.net.  When the speed test is finished, you will see the final result of your upload speed test and you can evaluate how to adjust your live stream. 


Make the most of your internet connection by following these tips:

  • Use a hardwired Ethernet cable connection instead of WiFi
  • If you are using WiFi, try to be as close to the wireless router as possible
  • Check to make sure you and others on your network are not using bandwidth-heavy applications while you are streaming

* Please note that internet speed is just one factor that affects the quality of your stream.  We recommend monitoring your external encoder's status bar while broadcasting and making changes to your resolution as needed to achieve the highest quality broadcast for your setup!


Configuring Bitrate and FPS

If you are streaming at a higher resolution and/or frame rate, you will need to adjust your bitrate correspondingly.  Higher bitrate and FPS require more bandwidth and processing power on your computer. If you are unsure of what your system can handle, start with the recommended settings below and then adjust based on your stream quality.

Resolution Video Bitrate - 30 FPS
Video Bitrate - 60 FPS
Audio Bitrate
1280x720 3500 kb/s 5500 kb/s 160 kb/s
1920x1080 6500 kb/s 8000 kb/s 192 kb/s
2560x1440 9000 kb/s 12000 kb/s 320 kb/s
3840x2160 (4k) 12000 kb/s 16000 kb/s 320 kb/s


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