Setting Moderators

What a moderator can assist you with:

Each artist has the freedom to decide the rules of their chat room. To assist with the enforcement of your chat room rules, you can give trusted viewers moderator privileges.  Moderators are able to silence any viewers who are not following your chat room rules, help build a community, and can communicate with you directly via private message (PM).


How to select a moderator:

Don’t rush to pick a moderator or make someone a moderator just because they ask. Get to know community members and even check out moderators in other rooms. Assigning moderator to a viewer that is familiar with your broadcast and chatroom standards will help with controlling and removing offensive posts and spam. Once you find someone you trust, work with them to let them know what is and is not ok in your room and how you would like anyone getting out of line to be handled.


Please note that moderators are not part of the team, they are just other community members you select.


Granting moderator privileges:

You can grant moderator privileges to anyone in your room who you trust to help you run your broadcast by clicking on their username and selecting “Promote to Moderator.”


You should see a confirmation in the chat the user you've selected has been promoted.

mod_chat confirm.JPG


Removing moderator privileges:

If you’re not happy with how someone is moderating or you just want a change, you can remove a moderator at any time.  If they are in chat, click on their username and select "Remove Mod Status".


You should see a confirmation message in chat that user has been removed as a moderator.


If the user is not in your room, click on Settings at the top of the chat bar. At the bottom of the bar, select the link "View Broadcaster Settings".



This should open up your broadcaster settings. Select the View/Edit Moderators link.

mod__view edit mods.png

In this window, click on the user you wish to remove as moderator and use the save button to revoke their mod privileges. 

mod_remove mod not present.JPG


You have successfully removed the user as moderator.

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