Subscriptions as an Audience Member

Support your favorite Artists by subscribing!  Subscribing allows you to stand out in chat, grants you access to previous streams and exclusive content if available, and custom artist specified perks!  You can subscribe to a broadcaster by clicking the Subscribe button under the video player. You can pay with a major credit card using Stripe, PayPal, or with AMPs. 

     Subscriptions can be located on artist stages below the banner, or near the video player.      Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 11.51.47 AM.png


You can select higher tiers which will offer more perks.  Click on each tier to preview what they are offering.  Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 12.10.07 PM.png

Change Tiers Anytime!

Audience members can change their tiers at anytime.  If you decide to upgrade during the middle of a billing cycle, your funds used from the lower tier will be applied to the upgraded tier and you can simply pay the difference for the remaining month.  

If you decide to downgrade to a lower tier or cancel, your subscription change will begin on the next billing cycle.  There will be no reimbursements for cancelations during the middle of a billing cycle.   

Subscriptions can be changed by navigating to  My Tickets > Subscriptions, or click here.   

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